Understanding Auto Electricians

Your vehicle has electrical and lighting components, as well as wiring and computer-based systems. These components need to be installed, checked for faults, maintained, repaired or replaced regularly; this sums up the work of an auto electrician. Don't confuse your mechanic with an auto electrician — some mechanics may have auto electrician skills, but others may not. The same goes for auto electricians — some auto electricians may have a mechanic's skills, but others may not. [Read More]

What to Do When Your Window Winder Won't

Life can be straightforward when everything works as it should but can get complicated very quickly when something that engineers have designed as a shortcut fails to cooperate. You may have found that your window winding mechanism no longer does its work and, as it is electrically operated, you may not be able to resort to the old-fashioned winder. What could be wrong here, and is the issue electrical or merely mechanical? [Read More]

Indicators Your Car Radiator Has Sprung A Leak And Needs Immediate Repairs

Not many motorists think about their vehicle's radiator, and this is not unsurprising since this auto part functions in the background and will only catch your attention when it malfunctions. But what does it do? In essence, the radiator primarily works to prevent your engine from overheating. When coolant pumps through the engine, it absorbs heat as it flows into the radiator. The radiator then eliminates the heat from the coolant before this fluid makes its way back to the engine to repeat the process. [Read More]

A Guide on Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections

Pre-purchase inspections help prospective buyers to ascertain the condition of used cars they intend to purchase. Below is a comprehensive guide on pre-purchase vehicle inspections.  Who Conducts a Pre-Purchase Inspection? Ask a skilled and qualified mechanic to inspect the car. If you chose to inspect the vehicle, you might miss out on small problems that might significantly affect the functionality of the vehicle. Inquire about the mechanic's specialty. While it may be easy to inspect small cars, it may be a bit challenging to inspect trucks, SUVs, hybrids and electric vehicles. [Read More]